Saturday, December 29, 2012

[SUMMARY] Transitioning from EARLY to MID/LATE game: Tactics and Priorities

Properly transitioning from early game to mid/late game tactics is vital to winning. Players that do not master this transition may find themselves winning their lanes, yet unable to make use of their early lead because of poor strategy and/or poor planning. I will highlight key points that will help make your transition much more smoothly. Below is a TLDR summary of my article, but I urge everyone to read the rest of it.
  1. Heroes that don't need farm to be effective should gank as soon as possible.
  2. Heroes that need a specific item to be effective (Moraxus with a Portal Key, for example) should prioritize farm until they get it and gank immediately.
  3. Heroes that need a significant amount of farm (Hard carries) to be effective should farm while the rest of their team ganks.
  4. Farming after getting your core build will show diminishing returns on your farm. Fight after you get the item(s) that you need.
  5. Find ways to deny the enemy money and experience. An example would be taking the enemy's jungle and leaving a small creep behind.
  6. If possible, focus heroes on ganking heroes on the other team that need farm instead of constantly killing heroes that don't.
  7. Find ways to bait and finish off turtlers. An example would be to build a massive advantage by taking their jungle/ancients and then Kongor after that.
  8. Plan ahead.

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